Buy a Condo today!

A condominium (condo for short) is sort of a hybrid between an apartment and a house. It offers all the financial commitment of buying a home without all the lawn and landscaping maintenance.

Here are some times when you’ll want to consider buying a condo versus a home:

Buy a Condo When You Can’t Afford a Home

In many real estate markets, especially ones where single-family homes are highly-prized and quite expensive, condos are an affordable alternative. When buying a condo, you are generally buying a part of a building. Thus, you are not paying for land, or for the fancy green grass that grows on it, or fancy landscaping. Lucky for you, this also means that you will not be expected to maintain the yard. This brings us to our second point.

Buy a Condo When You Don’t Want to Have to Maintain a Yard

If you don’t have green thumb or a lawnmower, a condominium ensures that you won’t have to get dirty making the landscaping look nice or get stuck having to mow the yard. You will save money on a lawnmower, on hiring someone to do the lawn mowing, as well as saving time if you were so inclined to attempt to do it yourself.

Buy a Condo When You Want the Size and Amenities of a Home but Still Want to Be Part of a Community

While some subdivisions offer community, they will likely not rival the closeness and proximity of your Aria condo neighbors. You will not be isolated to yourselves in oceans of green grass. This increases the opportunities for greetings, conversation, and just general closeness and familiarity with the other condo tenants. Many people find this a desirable feature of condominium life. Others will wish they had bought a house.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to purchase a condominium. These reasons will resonate with some people, while others won’t exactly buy into it. As condominiums provide a middle ground between apartment living and owning a home, if nothing else, they offer a wonderful compromise.